Sketchup 3d Modeling Course for Interior Designers

  • An online self-pace course that teaches SketchUp program with no previous knowledge. You can pause your videos at any time, run your errands and return to learning any time that works best for you.
  • You get a lifetime access to the course. But please do not take lifetime to finish the course! Log-in info will be sent out to you as soon as you purchase the course.   
  • One-to-one help if you ever need it. I’m here to provide as much support as you need to get you to the finish line. E-mail me at any time!
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Learn how to draft floor plans!

Learn how to 3d model off plans!

Learn how to export your work!

We'll learn how to 3d model these views!

Tell me more details about this course?!

This online course consists of nicely organized step-by-step series of videos, PDFs, worksheets that teaches Sketchup Pro. Everything from how to use different tools, drawing 2D floors plans, creating 3d spaces, exporting your renderings and creating animation fly-throughs. No previous experience needed!

The course consists of 6 Categories that focuses on getting you to produce 2d/3d spaces for your clients or future projects.


Category 1

Learning the tools!

Before we do get to the really fun stuff, we first must get through a bit boring stuff on learning about the basics of the program.

Lesson 1 – Navigation (6 mins)

Lesson 2 – Faces & Edges (4 mins)

Lesson 3 – The Axis (4 mins)

Lesson 4 - Drawing in Sketchup (11 mins)

Lesson 5 – Tools Pt. I (12 mins)

Lesson 6 – Tools Pt. II (10 mins)

Lesson 7 – From 2D to 3D (5 mins)

Lesson 8 – Grouping & Components (13 mins)

Lesson 9 – Materials & Paint (6 mins)

Lesson 10 – 3D Warehouse Intro (13 mins)

Category 2

Drawing 2d floor plans!

Once we know how to use our most important & useful tools, in this category, we’ll focus on how to create 2d floor plans.

Lesson 1 – Understanding Tags (14 mins)

Lesson 2 – Drafting Floor Plans Pt. I (16 mins)

Lesson 3 – Drafting Floor Plans Pt. II (26 mins)

Lesson 4 - Drafting Floor Plans Pt. III (12 mins)

Lesson 5 – Using 2d symbols (14 mins)

Lesson 6 – Dimensions & Text (12 mins)

Lesson 7 – Managing Multi-Level Floors (3 mins)

Lesson 8 – Exporting Floor Plans (8 mins)



Category 3

Detailing floor plans!

Step-by-step we’ll slowly getting to the most fun part of the course! But before we get there, let’s learn how to render your floor plans with materials by using paint bucket tool.

Lesson 1 – Recap of creating 2d Plans (4 mins)

Lesson 2 – Applying Materials & Textures (20 mins)

Lesson 3 – Planning Kitchen & Master Bedroom (5 mins)

Lesson 4 – Planning Bathroom Layout (3 mins)

Lesson 5 – Using 3d Furniture from Warehouse (9 mins)

Lesson 6 – Styles (5 mins)

Lesson 7 – Finalizing your 2d Plans (5 mins)


Category 4

Creating 3d!

In this category we’ll focus on creating 3d spaces from your 2d plans. Step-by-step we’ll organize a solid workflow on how to produce it all.

Lesson 1 – Entity Info (12 mins)

Lesson 2 – Creating Walls (5 mins)

Lesson 3 – Adding Windows & Doors (32 mins)

Lesson 4 – Adding Trim (15 mins)

Lesson 5 – Adding Scenes (15 mins) 

Lesson 6 – Adding Ceiling & Lighting (12 mins)

Lesson 7 – Adding Shadows (19 mins)


Category 5

Millwork workshop! 

I have dedicated an entire category to millwork because it is the most fun part of design. We get to design something we sketched out.

Lesson 1 – Millwork Design Concepts (11 mins)

Lesson 2 – Gathering Appliances (12 mins)

Lesson 3 – Drawing Kitchen Millwork (25 mins)

Lesson 4 – Drawing Living Room Millwork (4 mins)

Lesson 5 – Drawing Master Suite Millwork (15 mins)

Lesson 6 – Drawing Laundry/Mudroom Millwork (18 mins)

Lesson 7 – Adding Décor (13 mins)

Category 6

Exporting our model!

One last part is how to export your work to show your clients or family or friends. In this category we’ll learn how to export 3d renderings & how to create animation film fly-through.

Lesson 1 – Patio Design (19 mins)

Lesson 2 – Exporting Your Model (9 mins)

Lesson 3 – Fly-Through Animation Video (17 mins)





We will learn how to build this home in this course! 

I have designed this entire home specifically for my online courses. I began the process by space planning, brainstorming the concept and modeling it. My goal is for YOU to learn how to 3d model in Sketchup BUT also add this beautiful project to your PORTFOLIO!

(Trust me I have landed full home renovations projects in past by presenting concept renderings to my clients and it worked!)

Special BONUS!

Received over 300+ FREE materials with our online course purchase! Spend no time of your own searching for perfect materials to use toward your renderings. Materials include - different wood species & planks; Marble, porcelain, quartz slabs;  fabrics;  plaster; rugs; tiles; metals; wallpaper; exterior finishes etc.  

(Package value of $149)

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