Why did my Enscape crash?

Jun 30, 2023

          The truth is - all programs crash! Every single one of them will eventually crash and give you hard time at some point in your career. And the most important thing is to know what to do next! So let's say your Enscape crashed and it's 1am and you have a deadline tomorrow, what now?! First, take a deep breath, it happens to everyone, then let's try to resolve the issue. 

Possible Issue # 1 - You need to download the newest GPU drivers. 

          In that case, when the error pop ups shows up on your screen go ahead and click on - Open NVIDIA download page

          The link will bring you to NVIDIA website to download the newest GPU driver which is free of charge. You can go ahead and click Download

          Then you can click on Download one more time to proceed:

          Next the Download will begin, give it a few minutes to run on your PC:

          After the Download is completed you can select NVIDIA Graphics Driver and Agree and Continue to proceed to the next step:

          The following step, you can select Express or Custom Installation, I normally select Express, and click Next

          Next, you will receive a pop-out that says Preparing for Install, sit tight and let it do its thing: 

          The final step, after the install is completed, it will ask you to Restart your computer. Go ahead and Restart. Open your Sketchup and run Enscape - it should be running fine this time! 

 Possible Issue # 2 - Multi GPU Issues. 

          If your computer has two GPUs in your system you have to make sure that Enscape uses the dedicated NVIDIA graphics card and not the onboard Intel integrated GPU as Intel is not currently supported as a graphics solution by Enscape. So let's take a look at how to do that:

          Right click on your mouse and click on NVIDIA Control Panel:

           Next, set the Preferred graphics processor to the High-performance NVIDIA processor option:

          Next, switch tab to Program Settings, select program to customize Sketchup, and change Power Management Mode and switch to NVIDIA Driver-controlled. 

          Once that is done you should also go to the Global Settings section and set the Global Preset option to  Workstation App – Dynamic Streaming. This should do the trick and your Enscape should be back running! 

 Possible Issue # 3 - Your graphics card memory is running full. 

          If you've tried the 2 solutions above and your Enscape is still not working there is a possibility your graphics card memory is full! What happens is when you're try to launch Enscape there isn't enough memory to run it! In this case you need to open up some space on your PC by removing items from your computer.

 Possible Issue # 4 - There is a bug from actual software. Usually effects majority of Enscape users.

          Sometimes, it's none of the above! Sometimes it's some sort of bug that makes Enscape crash and we just have to sit tight and wait for it to get fixed! How to determine if there is a bug, when your Enscape crashes you can click on - See Details, and let's say the report shows you the following issue - Vulkan Error: vk::Queue::submit: the chances are there is some issue on Enscape's side. What you can do next is to send feedback to Enscape, submit ticket and somebody will respond to you and let you know what is the issue. 

          Here is how to submit a ticket to Enscape, when you open Sketchup head over to Enscape Icons and click on Feedback:

          Clicking the Feedback button allows you to contact Enscape Customer Support if you have an issue with Enscape. The checkbox named Include Logfiles should be checked by default, but it is worth making sure that is the case before submitting the form as these log files help support staff provide a rapid solution.  Your messages are delivered directly to Enscape Customer Support who are on standby to help resolve any issues you might be encountering when using the software.

          Just last week this happened to me! My Enscape randomly started to crash and I installed new NVIDIA driver & checked memory on the computer, all should be working fine except it just wasn't. I sent  feedback ticket to Enscape and this is what they have told me, see a snap of conversation. Immediately, I knew what the issue was and that I shouldn't go crazy figuring it out! Also, they responded to me very quickly! Super helpful! 

          I hope this was helpful and you were able to resolve the issue! Best of luck!