Top 10 websites for design inspiration.

Apr 02, 2023

           If you're looking for weekly design and architecture inspiration or brainstorming concepts for your next renovation or construction project - there are plenty of websites to draw inspiration from! Of course, Pintrest is our most go-to these days but I do love reviewing projects as a whole to fully understand the design concept! I think having cohesive concept throughout the project is a huge success! So let's take a look at some of my favorite to-go for inspiration! 


          Archilovers has an archive of 210, 018 projects from all over the world! You can basically find any type of project you're looking for! You can search for known designers and architects and get inspired by their work. You can also select a continent and profession such as interior designer or architect or engineer etc to narrow down your search. 

           I also do love their product search! It will bring you to a separate website specifically for products. You can narrow down your selections for example - sofas, and it will show you produce name, website reference, pricing sometimes or option to inquire about pricing and PDF specification of the product. 

Images Source: Brook Street Offices | Kallos Turin


          Design Inspiration & Resource for Creative & Curious minds! Thousands of interior design & architecture projects to browse plus products! You have separate option for architecture or interior design projects which is helpful to be more specific during your search. You can also search for product or people but it is more in a blog type of search, there is no individual products listed. 

Images Source: Chi Chi Club Hamburg | Deglan Studios


          Dezeen not only provides with tons of inspirational interior design & architecture projects but also provides with resources for jobs, awards, showrooms, school shows, courses etc. Very resourceful website! It is one of the most popular internet magazine. With a monthly reader base of three million and six million followers across social media!

          I love that there is also an option for talks or videos, you can get some a good listen sometimes while doing your design work. You should also follow their events guide which is always up to date and shows the upcoming events all over the world!  

Images Source: Lake Tahoe, California | Alexander Jermyn Architecture


          I love Designhunter mainly because they use large format images and bare minimum on text! You can enjoy beautiful collages of projects with short briefs! There is also a section with Sourcebook where you can browse products, it limited selections, but I still find it helpful. Their product provides name of the product, manufacturer and even pricing! Super helpful! 

Images Source: Private Residence | INC Architecture & Design


          From architecture to art, technology to watches, competitions and library product and even shopping! It's definitely addicting! I like this source not only because of projects inspiration but also because you can shop for actual products! They carry all sort of things including art & decor. 

Images Source: Gather House | Ho Chi Minh City-based Architects


          From architecture to art, technology to watches, competitions and library product and even shopping! I do like this website a lot, it's interesting to visit. There are different sections for search like architecture, art, home furnishings, interior design, lifestyle and even pets, travel & fashion! You can definitely get carried away browsing through all different type of information.

          If you head over to "commercial" section for example, you can find completed projects but also products articles where you can learn a lot about product! I find it super helpful and educational. 

Images Source: Villa in Stuttgart, Germany | Studio Alexander Fehre


          Besides browsing through completed projects, you also have the option to browse through images with engine search! I use this site when I need specific images for my concept board! I am also loving their products inventory I always find some great items! Cool lighting, cool materials etc. You can also find BIM objects when you're browsing through product which is very helpful. 

Images Source: Hampshire UK | AR Design Studio


          This is great for commercial designers! Tons of completed commercial projects, my definitely go to! When I worked at corporate, this was my go-to all the time, I basically lived on this website, it was always open on my tab. I constantly wanted to see what's new in the field and learn about new products. There are SO MANY brands to choose from when it comes to products and it's all commercial which is very helpful for those type of projects. 

Images Source: WPP Office in Toronto  | BDG Architecture + Design

          You can also browse other source like or or Interior Design or even Architectural Digest but I think these are more common and you probably heard of them before! If I hear of any other sources, I will share!